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Mud Agitator

Mud Agitator is usually used n mud mixing tank to keep mud uniformity. The Mud Agitator is featured by compact construction, light weight, low noise and strong agitating power. We provide mud agitators in different motor power from 5 HP to 30 HP or as per customers requirements

mud agitator

ABFINDIA manufacture the range of Mud Agitators. These Mud Agitators are used for agitating mud slurry for obtaining consistency through proper blending in flow controlled applications.

ABSTER Mud Agitators have been designed keepingin mind the oilfield's most severe mud mixing conditions at any weight. It's rugged and sturdy design requires lower maintenance. ABSTER Mud Agitators are highly energy efficient.

ABSTER Mud Agitators increase performace of solids removal equipment, maintain uniform mud density and prevent solids setting.

ABSTER Mud Agitators have compact design and their low profile reduces headroom requirements providing more layout space on top of the tanks for other equipment. The low center of gravity ensures stability and safety should sudden shock loads be encountered by the Impeller.

ABSTER Mud Agitators can be provided with either a worm gear or a helicalbevel gear reducer; both are field tested in demanding conditions and have proven reliability and dependability. The operation is smooth, quiet and vibration-free.

ABSTER Mud Agitators are available in Eight models ranging from 1.5 to 30 Horsepower.

Impellers range from 20" to 52" and are available in AIr-o-foil, Canted, Flat or Turbine blade design. The Air-o-foil design promotes axial as well as radial flow and ensures all fluid is mixed continuously and the same fluid consistency is maintained in all parts of the tank. This design provides homogenous mixing over a wide spectrum of installations and assists in eliminating troublesome heavy slugs or light spots. Flat Implellers provide adequate radial agitation and may beused on tanks shallower than 5 feet or as a bottom impeller in a two impeller installation in very deep tanks.

Technical Specifications of ABSTER Mud Agitators:
- Impeller Type - Air-O-Foil / Turbine / Canted / Flat Blade
- No. of Blades 3 (Three) to 6 (Six) depending on HP
- Diameter 20" (508 mm) to 52" (1320 mm) [as required/specified by customer and depending on HP / Tank Size]
- Material Stainless Steel
- Painting Epoxy based metal primer

Impeller Shaft:
- Length As per requirement of tank size
- Material High Tensile Strength Alloy Steel

Gear Box:
Type Choice of Heavy Duty Worm Drive or Helical-Bevel Drive Gear Box having adequate self lubrication arrangement with suitable reduction ratio.
Transmission Horizontal Input and Vertical Downward Output.

Motor - Flameproof / Weatherproof with IP55 protection.
- Available in both 50Hz as well as 60 Hz AC Supply
- Cable terminal through suitable sizes of fameproof glands

Mounting Frame:
- Suitable for Oilfield Use
- Sturdy and rigid design
- Fabricated from high grade structural steel free from flaws and defects

Coupling Between Gear Box & Motor
Flexible Tyre Coupling with taper lock for ease of assembly and disassembly is provided between the Gear Box and Motor.

Coupling Between Gear Box and Impeller Shaft:
High Tensile Steel Rigid Coupling, simple and compact in construction transmitting the torque through high tensile strength bolts, designed to absorb shock loads, torsional vibrations and misalignment is provided between Gear Box and Impeller Shaft.

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